White Rhino

Can We Save The Rhino?

by Suwilanji Nachula White Rhinos in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, August 2019 (A Newton) The two White Rhinoceroses on the first page of this project are pictured in Zambia’s Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. The photograph was taken on 30 August 2018. Both are now dead, killed almost exactly a year ago when they were hit by a


In 2019, through a series of stakeholder meetings in Livingstone, an idea started to gain traction to enable local artists to showcase their work on a scale never seen before in our city. It is wonderful that in 2021 we can now see this remarkable attraction called the Forest of Faces. Peter Jones, Chairman, Destination

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Destination Livingstone is celebrating the newly established ‘Forest of Faces’ public art installation in the city centre in an event at the Livingstone City Council park. This is an initiative that offers local artists an opportunity to be innovative and create the only installation of it’s kind in Zambia. The initiative boasts 21 wooden sculptures

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Have you ever met anyone that didn’t love the sticky, sweet treat that we call honey? Bees are the only insect that produces any type of food consumed by humans. Nevertheless, bees get an undeservedly bad rap. Did you know that the world would be a barren landscape without bees, and our food chain would

Museums inspire and nurture a love for knowledge. Visitors are exposed to in-depth information and visual displays about the world around them. Every year on May 18th, we come together to celebrate International Museum Day, with Livingstone being one of the 158 countries that takes part in the festivities. At Destination Livingstone, we highly recommend that

In 19 years experts say our elephants will be extinct if we don’t act now to save their habitat and stop poaching. In my lifetime (as my family genes see us living into our 90s), they might disappear – that is just crazy. I’ve had nearly 50 years of enjoyment watching these wonderful creatures in


Creating A Visitor Hub at Livingstone City Council  The Destination Livingstone Management Plan (DMP) is Livingstone’s Story, Vision and Mission Statement of how Livingstone will develop into a more successful tourism destination.  The DMP rests on 6 key themes, with cross-cutting principles that underpin the Plan and shape how we need to work to achieve

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The COVID19 pandemic has affected the tourism sector globally and none more so than Livingstone in Zambia, a city primarily built and developed around tourism businesses.  This encompasses accommodation, activities, agriculture and food, and many more sectors along the entire tourism value chain.  Jobs have gone, incomes have collapsed and many tourism businesses have closed


Conservation & Tourism Society (CATS)

The mission of CATS is to preserve the habitat and environment for the betterment of the species that live within it. CATS Livingstone support local organisations and tourism enterprises so that between us we can provide education and a community driven initiative. Our aim is to ensure humans, animals and our environment can live together