Community Engagement

Involving Everyone

Intern programme

In 2020 we launched our intern programme through which we give recent graduates a chance to develop their skills in tourism development, project management, fund raising and research. Each intern will be in charge of activities that will contribute to the transformation of Livingstone.  Within this first group each intern had a number of projects to work on which included a survey on the effects of Covid19 on tourism companies CSR programmes, Curio traders support programme, Historical Buildings, city billboards and signange.  Information can be found about each in the Resources section.

Welcome Ambassadors

A training programme is under development to bring into the tourism sector women and young people who can be available in the city streets to assist visitors.  We envisage the group helping with directions to activities and facilities, health care services and various retail outlets, restaurants and telecom services, amongst others. In the event of problems or any harassment, our Ambassadors can mediate and assist the tourist so that these issues are resolved quickly and in a friendly manner so as not to detract from the visitors experience.