Tourism & HeritageDevelopment

Tourism & Heritage Development

Bringing the Past & Present Together

Curio Traders

We are working together with the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to rejuvenate the curio trade. A programme of training in new product development and improved retail management will help connect the traders to markets beyond Livingstone.

Preserving historical buildings

We are working with the National Heritage Conservation Commission to monitor and assess those buildings which are already under protection orders. With the City Council we will seek to encourage locals to preserve other significant buildings and create an historical quarter in the city. We plan on putting up information boards at key buildings in the city centre to improve knowledge and awareness of their history and enhance the walks around Livingstone.

Creating public art installations

We will be devising a number of art installations throughout the city centre. Starting with the “Forest of Faces” located at the Civic Centre, we will have local artisans produce 3-4 metre high tree sculptures, engraved with cultural emblems, faces and animals reflecting the heritage of Livingstone. This will highlight the local talent and create an attraction that entertains both locals and tourists in the city.

“Friends of the Falls”

Destination Livingstone established The Friends of The Falls group this year. It includes individuals, community groups and businesses who volunteer for projects to assist in the maintenance and support of our World Heritage site.  This group was one of nine teams shortlisted in 2021, in the Our World Heritage “Transformational impacts of Information Technology” competition open to all World Heritage sites.  We are using this opportunity to seek ways in which we can expand our Global Community to help in the maintenance, promotion and preservation of Zambia’s only World Heritage site.

Forest of Faces

This vision is to develop Livingstone city centre into a confident tourism attraction where visitors will celebrate the local creative talent and stories of our people. We need to tap into our visitors’ desire for immersive experiences, to get local and meet our people.

Forest of Faces is a new public art installation at the Civic Centre in Livingstone, Zambia made possible by Destination Livingstone. It has 21 spectacular tree sculptures of 2-4metres in height, depicting the history, tradition, culture and wildlife of Livingstone and its environs as well as current issues such as climate change, biodiversity and human-wildlife co-habitation. A unique, beautiful and very informative attraction for the tourism capital of Zambia.